How To Earn Money from Chegg in June 2024

Earn money from chegg

It’s no secret that college is expensive, with tuition and housing prices skyrocketing. You can do your best to save, but it’s inevitable that you’ll have to take out some loans. But can you really pay off your debt if you’re earning $10 an hour? Not likely. Yes, you can earn that using Chegg.

Earn money from Chegg

Chegg is an online company that offers textbook rental services. Even better, they’ll give you $5 for every friend you refer who rents their books with them. You can also earn money on Chegg by becoming a tutor and teaching students. Read the full article for more details.

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Earn Money From Chegg in 2024

We know you’re not convinced that this is the right platform to earn money. The thing is, you don’t need any prior knowledge about the college courses you’re trying to master. You simply have to download the Chegg app to create an account.

All you need to do is to go through the sign-up process. The platform’s features are based on the Academic Credit System which ensures that all your answers will be recognized and treated equally.

How to use Chegg: the Rules and Regulations

Basically, there are four basic rules:

  • You cannot accept paid-for academic credit.
  • You cannot accept students who have not signed up for the tutoring service.
  • You cannot pay for courses.
  • You cannot ask students to pay for courses on Chegg.
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How do I become a Tutor on Chegg?

One of the quickest ways to become a tutor is by completing Chegg’s Sign Up for Success. You can also use this to apply for a job within the company.

Once you are accepted, you will receive an email which is titled “Welcome to the Chegg Team”. It will contain several details about the job and, in your free time, will provide you with additional information.

The email will also provide you with a platform to upload your portfolio for Chegg to review. It is important that you note that the game does not accept all classes for reviewing which includes a lot of correspondence courses.

How to earn money with Chegg

One of the best ways to earn money on Chegg is by becoming a tutor on Chegg. To become a tutor on Chegg, you have to answer the questions asked on the Chegg forum, help the students solve their homework or give a solution to a specific problem. In return, you will get some Chegg points on every question you solve or ask.

As a tutor, you can be a part of a large community of Chegg users and interact with them in different ways. So for instance, you can answer specific questions which allow you to add points to your account, while you also get an opportunity to generate quality content for other users.

Documents required to become the tutor on Chegg are described below: 

  1. Diploma photographs
  2. Scanned copies of your transcript
  3. Student identity card
  4. Tutoring or teaching certification
  5. Any other documents to verify your expertise in your subject

If you want to become a tutor on Chegg for a specific subject, then you have to be well-qualified in that subject. Below are the details of the qualifications required to become a tutor on Chegg for hot subjects: 

  • For Business – MBA, ICWA, CMA, M.Com, MA, CA, CS, M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • For Engineering – B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D.
  • For Mathematics – B.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • For Science – B.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil., or Ph.D.
  • For Earth Science – B.Tech, B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc., M.Phil., or Ph.D.

Earning points to cash out

Earning points is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is post questions and earn enough points to cash out. You will have to ensure that your questions are submitted in a timely manner as most questions may not be chosen at first, however they may be added at a later date.

What will happen if you reach 5 points?

If you have reached 5 points, you can cash out using these modes of payment:

Fixed cash-out system: You will only be paid if the question gets picked.

Flexible cash-out system: You can also choose the payout method you want to use for your cash-out. This is a real-time cash-out system. The first option is straightforward; if your question is selected in 20 minutes, you will receive your cash out immediately.

How do I redeem my points?

Well, you can do three simple things.

You can buy prepaid e-mail credits, you can redeem points for merchandise, and you can redeem your points for full access to all of the Chegg services for a year.

In our article, I will explain how you can cash in your points, buy e-mail credits and redeem points for merchandise. I will also explain how to earn money by answering students’ questions.

So let us get started!

How to Cash in Chegg Points: Pay for E-mail Credits

To buy e-mail credits, you need to buy e-mail credits for a certain number of credits. These e-mail credits are the equivalent of real e-mail. If a student chooses you to be a subject matter expert, he will have to pay $29.99 for each e-mail credit that you provide.

Earn money from Chegg by selling textbooks

There is a large demand for textbooks in the market which makes it difficult for students to get textbooks that suit their requirements.

Chegg aims to solve this problem by offering a platform where students can buy any book from the catalogue and get a payment in place. The books will then be delivered to the student’s homes. Hence you can also earn money from Chegg by selling books.


Today we have shown the ways of earning money from Chegg. If you have any questions regarding this, then feel free to ask us through the comment section below. you can also send us your valuable feedback and suggestion through the Contact Us form. 

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