TOP 21 Best Anime Streaming Websites in June 2024 Online

Best Anime websites list

Are you an Anime lover and searching best websites to watch anime online? If yes, then you landed on the right page, Here we will tell you the top 21 best anime streaming websites where you can enjoy your favourite animation.

Anime became popular really quickly among people of all age groups. The thing about anime is that once you start watching it, it is hard to stop. Episodes after episodes, season after season, and series after series.

But the one thing that anime lovers hate is they don’t have easy availability to anime. And so, they try to find different websites providing free access to different anime series. And the good news is, to save you from all that trouble, this article is here with the top 21 best anime streaming websites for free. 

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Online Best Anime Streaming Websites List 2024

Here is the list of best Anime streaming websites list 2024 online. Just visit the website and enjoy your favourite anime online.

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OP 22 Best Anime Streaming Websites For FREE 

One of the best sites to watch free anime is Crunchyroll if you are fortunate enough to have this site available in your region. In fact, Crunchyroll is available in most countries.

The anime site is subscription-based has an anime catalogue of over 1200 titles and provides video quality maximum at HD. 

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Who hasn’t heard about Netflix? One of the highest-earning OTT platforms provides access to different movies and shows. But do you, many popular anime shows are available on Netflix as well?

Although Netflix provides content on subscription only, if you manage to get a free Netflix account, then you can enjoy Netflix features. 

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Although this website is limited to some regions of the world, it is one of the top anime streaming sites. The website has a huge collection of animes in its catalogue that range up to 10,000 making this website one of the best. 

Anime lovers, who can’t access this website due to location, can use different VPNs to get access. Also, this website provides a subscription plan for users who want to experience extra features to enjoy their favourite anime series. 


OP 22 Best Anime Streaming Websites For FREE 

The American-based website is another best anime streaming websites. Hulu has a wide variety of movies and American TV series. But the platform is equally amazing for watching anime series.

So, not only anime but if you want to switch content and watch shows and series other than anime, then Hulu is the choice. The platform is only available to users in America and Japan.

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Amazon Anime

A separate page by Amazon that is wholly dedicated to anime lovers. Amazon Anime provides a number of anime series with a wide variety of genres.

It has one of the smoothest user interfaces. Plus, the platform is available to worldwide anime lovers. It is probably one of the best Anime Streaming Websites

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Ani. Me

The anime streaming website is preferred by many because the site does not show anything other than anime. This anime streaming website only provides access to anime and series that are licensed by the USA.

The maximum video quality that you can expect is HD and you’ll not be disturbed by any kind of advertisement.


The website is available to be accessed worldwide and you will not have to trouble yourself with VPN issues. Along with this, you will find a huge collection of anime and Japanese TV shows.

The best part is that you don’t even have to get registered to be able to watch anime on the Gogoanime streaming site. Plus, no troublesome advertisements. 


The fourth anime streaming site that is free of cost is 9anime. On this site, you not only get anime, but movies, and Specials. The best thing about this site is that you get dubbed content in English languages. But anime’s more fun in its original form. 

The site makes the search even better by letting you choose from genres, categories, and dates of release. Plus, the interface is user-friendly and almost sleek. 


Another website manages its content in categories of genres to make searching easy for its user and find the anime of their interest real quickly.

The highlighting point about his anime streaming site is that you are allowed to send a request form to request an anime series that you want to be available on this site. 


Though it is listed as the seventh number, Chia-Anime is one of the most popular and widely used anime streaming sites around the world. By this, it might be clear that the content of this site is available worldwide. 

The best thing about this website is that you can search with the initials of every word of the name of the anime series that you want to watch. The content on this website is available in HD quality along with English dubbing and subtitles. 


This website is one of the top 22 anime streaming sites because it is free and you won’t have to go through any kind of lagging or issue. The anime site has thousands of anime series along with a smooth user interface.


Another website for streaming anime content for free is This site has more than 10 thousand anime series which is a huge collection. The anime freak in you would love to use a website that is not running out of new anime series soon.

Anime Kisa

Anime Kisa is available worldwide which means simplifying your access to a good anime collection. Along with this, you get subtitles and dubbed content in the English language. Making anime more understandable for foreign users.


Like all the other anime websites mentioned till now, 1anime is also available worldwide, with a maximum video quality of 1080p or HD.

One downfall of this website is that it does not have a categorized anime list which helps those users who are indecisive about what to watch next and can choose any among all. 


The website is one of the most loved anime websites. The number one reason is that it is available for anime lovers from around the world.

Plus, a variety of anime attracts all kinds of anime lovers to this website. You can stream anime online from the lowest quality to HD quality with Kissanime.

This popular online streaming website is best suited for people who love to watch manga and anime. With an easy-to-use interface and the highest video quality to HD, this anime streaming website has a very low rate of advertisement. 


Anime Planet is one of those websites that does not require you to alter any settings making it one of the most legit anime streaming websites. With an easy-to-use interface and a huge collection of the best anime series, Anime Planet is an anime lover’s favourite website. 

Also, the website has a partnership with top anime sites such as Crunchyroll and Hulu, making its anime catalogue better than any other website. 


The website is not available worldwide and is only restricted to regions of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. The platform not only provides anime content but other video content such as movies and TV shows. It is one of the first websites that provides free anime content. 

The highest video quality that you get at TubiTV is 720p which must feel a little less to many anime lovers, but apart from this, you get subbed and dubbed anime content in English. 


The anime streaming site has a variety of anime genres that will never let you leave this site. You can watch anime free of cost but the website has a lot more traffic of ads than others. Apart from this, the streaming site is good for watching anime and provides the highest video quality to HD.


This website is in the top 22 anime streaming site because it has some of the best anime series available in high video quality. The site is maintained regularly so, you never miss an update. You get High-quality subbed and dubbed anime content in English for free at 


Although this website is listed in the 21st position in this article, Masterani is one of the top anime streaming platforms. With thousands of anime series available in HD quality, this website has a very user-friendly interface with easy navigation. Moreover, the site is available for worldwide users.


Well, there is no chance that you didn’t get your favourite anime from any of the sites that are mentioned till now. But even if this is possible then Side Reel is the destination for you. All you have to do is enter the anime title that you are searching for and get the link to it. 


There are the top 21 free anime streaming websites listed. But this article has filtered the best anime streaming websites for you.

Most of these sites are available worldwide. If your favourite anime website is not available in your region then you can alter your VPN to get access to it.

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