Pinterest Video Downloader: Download Pinterest Videos/ Reels Free✅

Pinterest Video Downloader: How To Download Pinterest Videos

Are you searching Pinterest video downloader tool to download Pinterest videos and reels for free? If yes then you have come to the right place.

Pinterest is a visually appealing tech-driven social-media platform where users discover and share content through images, videos, and gifs. It has gained vast popularity among tech enthusiasts, businesses, fashion entrepreneurs, and DIYers.

Additionally, Pinterest has academic content, covering subjects varying from educational subjects to professional skills development.

Although Pinterest has abundant resourceful and inspiring videos, it lacks a built-in video download feature. Let’s discuss how you can use the Pinterest Video Downloader to download videos from Pinterest. 

About Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest allows its users to save and share videos within the platform but does not allow them to download the videos on their devices. To facilitate downloading videos from Pinterest, there are many third-party websites known as Pinterest Video Downloaders. 

These websites serve as valuable sources for creative minds, offering several practical advantages. They facilitate access to the inspiring content on Pinterest and allow users to save videos directly to their devices for future reference.

One of the primary advantages of using these websites is the ability to enjoy saved videos offline. They enable users to protect helpful and significant videos, ensuring they are not lost in the depths of the internet.

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Using these sites, creators can reuse or edit downloaded videos, incorporating them into their projects, presentations, or social media campaigns.

Pinterest Video Downloader serves as a bridge connecting tech enthusiasts to a diverse range of videos, covering everything from cutting-edge gadgets and software reviews to programming tutorials and DIY electronics projects.

These enthusiasts can access knowledge and creativity that aligns perfectly with their tech-driven passions with just a few simple steps.

These sites can be accessed using PC, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Furthermore, steps are provided to download videos using Pinterest video downloader sites on your devices.

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Using Pinterest Video Downloader On PC

Downloading Pinterest videos on your personal computer is a straightforward process. Below are the steps to download videos from Pinterest on a PC or laptop-

  •  Go to the Pinterest site on the web browser on your PC.
  •  Browse and pick the video you prefer.
  •  Copy the URL of the desired video from the address bar.
  •  Look for a Pinterest Video Downloader.
  •  Paste the URL into the downloader.
  •  Click on the Download button and choose the desired video quality. The downloaded video can be played using a video player on your PC.

Using Pinterest Video Downloader On Mobile/Tablet

To download videos using Pinterest video downloader, you can follow the steps provided below:

  • Access the Pinterest app.
  • Scroll and find the desired video.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Copy link option.
  • Open the Browser of your choice and search for Pinterest Video Downloader.
  • Paste the link in the box provided.
  • Click on the Download button. You can select the Video Quality as per your choice. 
  • Once the download is complete, you can access the video from your device’s storage and enjoy it even without an internet connection.

How Do Pinterest Video Downloaders Unleash Creativity for Tech Enthusiasts?

The usefulness of Pinterest Video Downloader to tech enthusiasts goes far beyond entertainment.

  • It serves as a useful means for research and learning. It makes it effortlessly easy to download tutorials, reviews, and demonstrations, which can be easily accessed at one’s own pace without needing internet connectivity.
  • It is a crucial tool to elevate knowledge, foster creativity, and connect with a growing tech community.
  • Also, it helps them draw inspiration from the videos they download, remix ideas, and build upon existing concepts to craft unique projects and share them with the world.


1. How Does Pinterest Video Downloader Work?

Pinterest Video Downloader works by extracting the video’s URL from Pinterest and using it to download the video directly to the user’s device. Users can paste the video URL into the downloader, which will fetch the video for download in various obtainable qualities.

2. Is Pinterest Video Downloader Safe to Use?

Most reputable Pinterest Video Downloader sites are safe to use. However, it’s crucial to be alert when downloading software or operating online tools. Ensure you download from authorized sources to avoid possible security threats.

3. Can I Use the Pinterest Video Downloader on my Mobile?

Yes, most Pinterest Video Downloaders are compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can access the downloader through a web browser or download a dedicated app for mobile use of Pinterest Video Downloader.

4. What is a Pinterest Video Downloader?

Pinterest Video Downloader is a tool or application enabling users to download videos from Pinterest. It allows users to save and access inspiring and resourceful videos from the platform for offline viewing or use in their projects and for future reference.


Though Pinterest does not allow you to save the videos offline, there are Pinterest Video Downloaders you can use for that. A Pinterest Video Downloader will grab the video from Pinterest, and you can download it on your device.

You can follow the steps mentioned in the guide above to download the video using the Pinterest Video Downloader. 

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