FREE Netflix Accounts and Password July 2024 [100% working]

FREE Netflix Accounts

Get Free Netflix Accounts and Password & watch your favorite Movies, Shows& Web Serial, etc absolutely free. Visit and get Today’s Netflix premium accounts.

Are you looking for a free Netflix account and password? Do you want to access free Netflix? If yes, then stay here because, in this post, I have shared more than 10+ premium Netflix accounts free.

A few days ago, I posted another post about Netflix cookies. Because many people did not have a PC, they were unable to use Netflix via Netflix cookies. Then I decided to share Netflix free accounts, So now you can access Netflix on your mobile phone via username & password and also in the Netflix mobile app.

If you have already read the Netflix Cookies posts, then keep reading this post. So guys, in this post, we will talk about a free Netflix account. And the main thing is how you can get a free Netflix account. If you want to take a free Netflix account, read this full tutorial carefully.

Free Netflix account and password July 13, 2024

Recently, I published an article about Netflix cookies, But only computer users could take advantage of them, and the mobile user got frustrated. So I decided to share free Netflix accounts with the password. With this help, you will now be able to use Netflix on mobile too.

And great news for Netflix APK users now you can watch your shows on the Netflix app on your mobile phone. One more thing I would like to tell you. You will be provided with an account for a trial period only. I highly recommend you, Buy your personal Netflix account from

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online streaming service like your Television. Where you watch award-winning TV shows, Movies, serials, and many more things anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone. With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited fun and joy 😍

Netflix free Account Plans, Pricing & Comparison

You know Netflix is one of the best online television or video streaming service provider platforms in the world. If you want to use Netflix then, first of all, you need to know about their plans and pricing and also know about related platforms.

Here are some plans, Pricing, and a small comparison between other premium video streaming service provider platforms. So we’re going to make a small comparison.

Standard with Ads$6.991FULL HD
Standard$15.492FULL HD
Premium$19.994Ultra HD

Remember, this price is applicable in the US Only, The price is different for every country. You can see pricing for your country on the official website.

Netflix free Account July 13, 2024

Now I am going to share some Netflix accounts and passwords. You can easily copy it from here. You can use this account as a personal account and share it with your family/friends.

If you want to claim the given accounts, then, first of all, you have to share & like this article on your social media.

Today's Netflix Accounts

Per our visitor’s demand, I will share 5 Netflix premium accounts and passwords daily. This list is updated daily at 8 PM {UTC, Time zone in the United States (UTC+0) } So Be the first and get the account first.

Netflix Accounts Updated On
July 13, 2024

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Password: Click Here For All Passwords↓

★RULE: I hope you have received your Netflix account, If you do not get it, check it tomorrow and you will get it. If there are any questions, then you can ask in the comment box below.

10 More Free Netflix Accounts with Passwords

Due to the high demand for free Netflix accounts and too much traffic, not all people are getting a personal account. So here I am sharing ten more Netflix accounts with the password with you. And remember these accounts are not for personal use, so do not change their password and give all people a chance to use them.

Netflix Accounts Updated On
July 13, 2024
Username:[email protected]
Validity:1 Year
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Username:[email protected]
Validity:1 Month
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Username:[email protected]
Validity:6 Months
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Username:[email protected]
Validity:3 Months
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Username:[email protected]
Validity:1 Year
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Username:[email protected]
Validity:6 Months
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Username:[email protected]
Validity:3 Months
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Username:[email protected]
Validity:1 Year
Plan Type:4 Screen UHD
Updated On:July 13, 2024
Password:Click Here To Get
Please Don’t Change The Password And Email Of any Accounts Which are listed Above Thanks.
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A big announcement for you guys, Now per visitor demand, I’m going to share daily 1 Netflix premium account absolutely free. But first of all, you have to complete the given entries below. After completing these given entries, Daily one lucky guy wins a Premium Netflix account😍

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How To Participate in the Giveaway?

Very Simple To participate in the daily tricks wire Netflix account giveaway program. Follow the given steps below:

  1. Log in through your email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and also fill in your real name.
  2. After login, you will see 5 ways to enter so completely all entries.
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  4. To earn more points daily, visit this page and complete the Daily Bonus Entry.

Higher entry points will have a higher chance of winning. After the giveaway ends, we will announce the winner’s name and email here. So visit daily and try your luck.

Today's Netflix Account Giveaway Winner

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Today’s July 13, 2024 Netflix winner has been selected. The winner’s name and Gmail account are listed above. Please email us at [email protected] and take your account.

The winner is requested to take their account within 7 days. Otherwise, you will not be entitled to this account. So mail us and take your account as soon as possible.

Get a Free Netflix Account Via Gift cards or Promotions

Have you ever heard of Netflix gift cards? If not then let me tell you that this is a type of 11 digit+ code with the help of which you can watch Netflix for free.

So now let me tell you how you can enjoy free Netflix with the help of a Netflix gift card. But first of all, let us know where and how to get Netflix gift cards.

1. Retail Stores and Online Retailers

  • Physical Stores: Many supermarkets, convenience stores, and electronics retailers sell Netflix gift cards. Visit these stores and look for the gift card section.
  • Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers also sell Netflix gift cards. You can purchase them online and have them delivered electronically or physically.

2. Netflix Website

  • Visit the official Netflix website and navigate to the “Gift Cards” section, usually found in the footer of the homepage or under the “Help” section.
  • Select the type of gift card you want (physical or digital).
  • Follow the instructions to purchase the gift card and complete your transaction.

3. Promotions and Deals

  • Keep an eye on Netflix’s official website and social media channels for any ongoing promotions or special deals. These promotions could offer discounts on subscriptions or bonus features with new subscriptions.

4. Redeeming Gift Cards

  • If you receive a physical gift card, scratch off the foil on the back to reveal the code. Then, go to and enter the code to apply it to your account.
  • For digital gift cards purchased online, the retailer will usually provide instructions on how to redeem the code directly through Netflix.


  • Validity: Check the validity period of the gift card, as it may have an expiration date.
  • Regional Availability: Gift cards and promotions can vary by region, so ensure that the one you purchase is valid in your country.
  • Terms and Conditions: Always read the terms and conditions associated with gift cards and promotions to understand any restrictions or requirements.

By following these steps, you can easily avail Netflix gift cards and potentially find promotions that can save you money on your Netflix subscription.

FREE Netflix Gift Cards
Netflix Gift Cards

Some free Netflix gift card codes are given here. You can get it by visiting the link given below.

I hope you have got the Netflix gift card, so now let me tell you how you will redeem this code and enjoy free Netflix.

How To redeem Netflix Gift card codes?

To redeem a Netflix gift card step by step, follow these steps:

  • First of all, Go to
  • Now collect gift cards from your friends or from the link given above. And if you can afford then buy it.
  • Enter the code in the “Code or PIN” field on the Netflix redeem page and click “Redeem.”
  • If you are a new customer, you will be prompted to create a new Netflix account. If you are an existing customer, you will be prompted to sign in to your account.
  • Once you have redeemed your gift card, the balance will be added to your account and you can start watching Netflix immediately.

GET Free Netflix Account Through Google Opinion Rewards

Guys, I have a great idea to get a Netflix account free forever, You have to download the Google Opinion Rewards from the App Store or PlayStore, Sign in with your Google account, and answer some questions daily, and you will get some USD $ Daily.

GET Free Netflix Accounts Through Google Opinion Rewards

Just collect that USD $ and reach the payout limit of PayPal. Your money will automatically be sent to your entered PayPal ID. Now that money, you can make your Netflix account for free, and you can make an account Whatever you want.

★NOTE: Make sure you have an IOS Apple Device to send money to your PayPal account. Andriod users can get their payment only through Google play credits.

How To Get Netflix Free Trial

Do you know Netflix Gives a 30-day free trial? If you haven’t heard yet, then remember this line. So, guys, we will learn how to get Netflix’s 30-day free trial. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, Go To Homepage and Click on the “TRY IT NOW” option.
  • Now You can see Netflix plans, So choose a plan you need and click Continue Button.
  • Now You Need to create an account on Netflix, so Fill in your name, email, password, etc., and create a new account. and then click the continue button.
  • Now choose the Credit card/ Debit card option and Fill in your card details. And then click on the Start Membership button.

Boom! Now Enjoy a 30-day free Netflix trial. After 30 days, you can use this trick again from another account and card details.

Free Netflix Account’s Features

There are many features available in the Netflix premium account, which I am giving you today. All premium features are available in this account and you can use every feature without any worries. Some of the top features are listed below.

Get Your Profile

Get Own Profile

If more than one person is using the same account, then you can create your profile. Profiles allow different members of your household to have their own personalized Netflix experience, built around the TV shows and movies they enjoy.

You can have up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account. And remember, more than five people can not use an account.


Multi Screen

Want to watch shows & share a screen with your friends & family? So don’t worry; with my free Netflix account, you can use four screens at the same time.

No matter which plans you choose, you can install the Netflix app on as many devices as you want, and enjoy as many TV shows and movies as you want, anytime, anywhere.

Ultra 4k HD

HD Quality

Do you want to enjoy Netflix on your big-screen television? Yes, you can; Netflix Premium provides a 4k ultra HD streaming service. So without any worries, log in to this account on your TV and Enjoy😊.



Do you want to download your favourite shows to watch later? If you want to download it to your storage, then you can go without any worries.

Netflix provides downloading services on every plan. But remember, every device doesn’t support downloading. If your device doesn’t support then, that is your bad luck😶

FAQ About Free Netflix Account?

There are many questions about the Free Netflix account. A lot of Netflix users are facing different types of issues that we are going to discuss. So guys, some of the top FAQ is given below:

What is the Netflix Free trial?

Ans: Netflix offers a free trial to new members that provides unlimited access to the catalogue. If you enjoy your free trial, you will be charged after the trial ends. You will not be charged for the trial itself.

How To access a Netflix account without a username and password?

ANS: If you want to access Netflix without a username and password, you must read this full tutorial on Netflix Cookies. I already shared another tutorial about free Netflix access. Also, check this article How To Get Netflix For Free | 5 Working Ways.

Do we have to pay any kind of money to use this?

ANS: No, If you get an account from Tricks Wire, then there is no money you have to pay. But after the end of the subscription, you have to renew or not, depending on your wish.

How can I get a free Netflix account?

ANS: You can get a free Netflix account through the daily Tricks Wire giveaway at 8 p.m. Tricks Wire gives daily 10+ Netflix premium accounts free. And also participate in the above giveaway.

Is using this account safe?

ANS: Yes, you can use all these Netflix accounts for free without any worries. It’s 100% safe and secure.

Is There Any Free Netflix Account Generator?

ANS: There is No working accounts generator on Netflix; if anyone says or advises you to use Netflix account generator, it is fake and considered completely illegible. So do not get into such stupid ideas and adopt the above method.

Is it possible to hack Netflix account?

ANS: It’s possible, but it’s also illegal. I always recommend you use the above-shared accounts. The above-shared Netflix accounts are better than Netflix hacked accounts or cracked accounts.

It’s also 100% safe to copy the username and password from the above list and use Netflix accounts for free.


This is the full tutorial about a free Netflix account and password. And I hope you got the account. If you didn’t win any giveaways or get any accounts, then be patient, Be the first and get first. If you have any queries about Netflix’s free account, then leave a comment, and I will reply to you ASAP!

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