How To See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook

See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook

Before in time when Facebook was new to people, it was so much easier to stalk people through it. But as the application became more popular and a common social media platform, and as people learned more about it, they set their Facebook profiles more secure and private.

As, a lot of you may know that your Facebook friend list, photo gallery, timeline, and everything else is set to public by default. So, people who create their account for the first time, often forget to do privacy settings.

And when someone is going through someone’s Facebook profile, they usually look at their Facebook Photo collection. But the next thing they peek into is their Friend list.

On Facebook, if someone has altered the default privacy setting, then you can only view mutual friends in their else’s Friend list. But if you want to view someone’s hidden friend list then this is possible too. How?

Well, this article will share methods to answer how to see someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook.

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How To See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook?


Facebook is a prevalent social media application that connects the world through the internet. On this platform, users can send friend requests to others who joined this application and be friends with them.

Users can also send messages and share multimedia content such as photos and videos with everyone on Facebook. But if a user wants to limit their audience, then there are different privacy policies available such as a user can maintain to whom they want to share their content,

Who should be able to access it, and who can react to their shared content? The provided sharing options are either to Friends, Friends of Friends, Only me, or Everyone. 

People like to have different sharing privacy settings depending on their choice. Many choose to hide their Friend List even from the people they are friends with on Facebook.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are friends on Facebook or not, because a user can easily hide it from everyone. But you can try some hacks to see their hidden friend list. If you want to seek into someone’s private or hidden friend list, you can try a number of methods to do so.

A few times, when a user has hidden the entire friend list from others and their Facebook friends also, then you can’t even access their mutual friend list. In this case, you can take help from a Facebook page and that is Friend Finder.

Facebook’s Friend Finder

For this method to work you need to have to share a link with the person whose friend list you want to peek into. Once, you have done that, you can follow the given steps to be able to see their mutual friends.

Note that this method will only allow you to view your common friend with them. If there aren’t any, no results will appear. 

  • First of all, log in to your Facebook account and go to the search bar. 
  • In the search bar, search for Friend Finder Page.
  • Click on the first page that comes in the search result and scroll down till you find a section that is for mutual friends.
  • There, you have to enter the name of the person present in your friend list whose mutual friends you want to view and click enter.
  • If there will be any, then the profile of their mutual friends will be shown.

If two of you don’t have any common friends on Facebook, then no list will appear. So, using the above method won’t provide you with anything.

And if your goal wasn’t limited to viewing mutual friends then you can try other methods that would give you a friend list of any Facebook user that you are friends with. You can use an online tool to get this done. 

Social Revealer Extension

Different types of chrome extensions help you to reveal the private information of a Facebook user. One such was Facebook Friend Mapper Extension. This tool is no longer available but doesn’t worry, you can use other tools similar to it. One such tool is Social Revealer Extension.

This tool needs an active internet connection to work and with a few adjustments and the right commands, it can search through Facebook to find someone’s hidden Friend list. To get started with this tool, you will have to download it on your PC first. 

When downloading has finished, this extension is added to your browser. For better results, you must download it using Google chrome.  

How To Download Social Revealer Extension

  • Go to Google chrome services, or you can also visit to directly get there. 
  • On this page, you can see a few options on the top bar. From there, choose Features.
  • A menu will scroll down and you can see various options. Choose the last option that says Extensions. 
How To See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook
  • You can find a few Google extensions but for Social Revealer, click on the blue link that reads Explore more extensions.
How To See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook
  • On the left side of the page, you can see a menu. On the top right side, you will find a search bar that reads search the store. Type Social Revealer in that search bar and press enter key.
  • Three options will appear from which you have to choose the first option because it is free of cost. 
  • Now, you can download it for yourself. For this, after you open Social Revealer, simply click on Add to Chrome.
How To See Someone’s Hidden Friend List On Facebook

How To Use Social Revealer Extension

Using Social Revealer is as easy as downloading it. The application is free to use but it contains ads. Plus, this is a safe method and works 100%.

  • Open your Facebook account through your PC or device where you have added the Social Revealer Extension to your Chrome.
  • Now, go to the Facebook profile of your friend whose friend list you are interested in.
  • Click on the Friends option that you can find a little scroll down on their profile.
  • Next, you will find an option that reads Reveal Friends. 
  • And that’s it. You can view their hidden friend list in such easy steps.


There are many methods that can help you find a few friends on someone’s friend list. But all these methods are tiring and time-consuming such as going through different profiles so that you identify your friend through their mutual friends and all of this is confusing as well.

But you can use Google Chrome’s Social Revealer extension that will reveal someone’s hidden Friend List on Facebook in a few easy steps. Plus, you don’t have an install a separate application on your device. 

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