Guide to TextNow Number Lookup: Identify Unknown Contacts

TextNow Number Lookup
TextNow Number Lookup

Want to search who the number belongs on TextNow? This article discusses various stepss to help you with TextNow Number Lookup.

Are you searching for a TextNow number lookup tool? If yes then you have come to the right place, Here we will discuss some working methods to find who owns the Textnow number.

Many people use TextNow to create fake numbers that can be used for texting and calling. People often use this app to create fake numbers if they don’t want to give their real numbers to anyone.

You can use these numbers if you don’t want people to contact you on your actual number. Not only this but TextNow numbers can also be used with WhatsApp and other social media apps. 

This app is only available for citizens of the US and Canada; if you are in any other country you won’t find this app on PlayStore or App Store. However, Android users can download the APK of this app and install it on their devices, but iOS users cannot do that. 

Though TextNow numbers can be useful if you don’t want your details to be shared with random people, what if you are getting calls and texts from TextNow numbers?

If someone is trying to contact you with a TextNow number and you don’t know who that is and want to track them then this article is for you.

This article will help you with TextNow Number lookup to track who the number belongs to on TextNow.

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How To Create An Account On TextNow?

If you want to create an account on TextNow, then you can follow the steps given below-

  • Download the TextNow app on your device from the Play Store or App Store. 
  • Now, sign up for the TextNow account. 
  • You will be asked to set up your account.
  • Next, select the number for your account. 
  • Once done, fill in your account details and you will have successfully created an account on TextNow. 

You can now call or text from TextNow with the new number you created. You can also create an account on social media using this number. 

How To Track TextNow Number?

The question arises can you track a TextNow number the answer is yes if the user has entered the correct details then it would be possible. Below are the ways to track TextNow numbers:

Observe TextNow Number

The very first thing that you can do is observe the TextNow number. Many times, the TextNow number can leave certain traces which you can use to track the number. You can observe the number in the following ways-

  • If the user texting you has entered the correct email address you would be able to find out that person.
  • The first and last name of the person is also shown on the account if the person’s details are correct then you will get to know the name of the person.
  • You can also check the text history to determine if you have interacted with that person before.

Create Different TextNow Account

You can create a new TextNow account and talk to the person. You will have to convince the person to tell you who they are. Just get in touch with the person with your new TextNow number and talk them into telling their real identity.

TextNow Trackers

There are various TextNow number trackers that you can use to track someone’s number on TextNow. You can use the following number trackers to track TextNow numbers and see who has that particular number. 


TextNow Number Lookup

SpuForMe is officially verified by TextNow so you can feel safe. You can use this app for anonymous TextNow number lookup, tracing text now numbers location, etc.


TextNow Number Lookup

This is a common option as this is used by most people to track the number. You can use the number lookup of TrueCaller, which will track the number.

This will show the location of the number as well as the name of the person. You can install the app on your phone if you want live identity tracking while you get the call. 


TextNow Number Lookup

Another tool that you can try is Intelius. This tool lets you track numbers online. Not only this, but you can also search for the person using name and address, and search for a nearby person by entering the address of a location.

If you want to track a TextNow number you can use this tool.


Can I Lookup A TextNow Number?

Yes, you can trace the TextNow number. You can follow the above steps to check who the number belongs to. 

What Are Some Best TextNow Number Trackers?

There are various TextNow number trackers you can use like SpyForMe, Truecaller, and Intelius. 


These were all the ways for TextNow Number Lookup. You can follow the above steps and you will be able to find who the number belongs to on TextNow. 

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