Instagram Username Availability Checker – 100% Working [June 2024]

Instagram username checker

Are you searching for a tool for Instagram Username Availability Checker? If yes then you have come to the right place. So if you want to find a perfect Instagram username then use our given tool and follow the all steps.

Who is not annoyed when the username that you want is already taken? Yes, that sucks and you are left with none of the options other than going for a different one.

You can’t do anything much about the Instagram username that is already taken but you can make the task of selecting a username by checking beforehand if the username you are trying to get is available or not.

So, let’s know about an Instagram Username Availability Checker in this article which will help you in the easiest way you will need.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to create two different Instagram accounts with the same username. Each created account on Instagram is identified with a unique username.

This is necessary for various security purposes and it also makes it easier to search and find the exact account you are looking for, only if you have their exact and correct username. 

You absolutely don’t need or require any other tool to check if a certain username is available or not because you will have to keep checking and changing your username until you enter a username that is unique and does not exist already.

But imagine, you worked so hard and researched a lot and end up selecting a username that is already taken and now you have to shuffle words and characters to check if any of these combinations you can take as your username.

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Won’t it be easy if you had already checked the availability of a certain username beforehand? This is the situation where you feel that it would be better if you had known that the username you want is already taken.

Here is the case where you require an Instagram Username availability checker so that you can choose a username that is available.

Before you check the availability of a username for Instagram, it is important that you choose a valid and acceptable username for Instagram. For instance, no username on Instagram starts with a digit.

An Instagram username is a combination of numbers, lowercase alphabets in the English language, and underscore. You cannot use any other special character other than an underscore.

You can as many underscores and repetitions of a character but your username should not exceed a limit of 30 characters.

Instagram Username Availability Checker

Instagram Username Availability Checker

You can require an Instagram username availability checker for different reasons. You can be searching and decide on an Instagram username for you before you create a new Instagram account.

Or you may want to avoid the chances of getting disappointed when you enter a username for you and it won’t be available as it is already taken by someone else before you.

So, why not avoid all the chances and search and select a username for yourself by checking if it is available or not? One such tool on the internet to check the availability of a username on Instagram is Instagram Username Availability Checker

This tool allows you to check if a username is available to be taken on Instagram or not. The functioning of this tool is as simple as it is easy to use it. 

How To Use Instagram Username Availability Checker?

This tool designed to check the availability of Instagram usernames has a very simple interface and it is only a matter of two steps to check the availability of a username for your Instagram account. This makes this tool very easy to use.

  • The first step is to open the Instagram username availability checker tool.
  • There you can find a search box. Enter the name whose availability you are willing to check.
  • Now, click on the submit button or press enter.
  • This will search and check the availability of the name and then let you know if the name is available or not.

Benefits Of Instagram Username Availability Checker

It is very certain to know the benefits if you want to know why to use this tool. As a user, you must know the benefits of using a certain facility.

  • The first reason is that Instagram Username Availability Checker is not only easy to use but free of cost as well.
  • Secondly, it can provide you results of your search in a few seconds only.
  • The interface is user-friendly which helps the user and makes it easy for them to navigate.


Instagram Username Availability Checker is an easy-to-use tool. It only requires you 2 steps to check if a particular username is available or not. 

If you don’t want to check the availability of a username beforehand then you don’t need to worry as Instagram won’t give you a username that is already taken and you don’t have any option left other than forming a new combination using letters, numbers, and special characters.

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