How To See Your Facebook Password While Logged In?

facebook password while logged in

Today when no one stays behind in trying their hands on different social networking sites, everybody tends to register themselves on sites and then forget their credentials every time.

This usually happens when we are using a site constantly and we never really log out, so we forget our login password.

Today, this article will provide you with a solution to see passwords while logged in to one of the most popular social media platforms, and that is Facebook. 

Now ever days, almost everyone present on social media has their own smartphone or another smart device, and so they barely log out of their account from their phone.

And then are expected to go online and search for how to see your Facebook password while logged in. If this is your problem too, then don’t worry anymore. But you cannot view your Facebook password while logged in.

Facebook doesn’t allow even the owner of the account to view their password while they are logged in, and this is done for security purposes. Now, the questions can be restated as what to do when you have forgotten your Facebook password.

The answer is simple and that is to reset it to a new password. But other than this, you can use other methods to view your Facebook password.

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How To See Your Facebook Password?

Every short-memory person would love it if they could see their Facebook password while logged in. But Facebook does not provide you with this facility due to security purposes.

Now, suppose you logged into someone else’s phone and forgot to log out. That person can easily access your Facebook password and then you will be in more trouble. For another instance, if someone else uses your phone and secretly gets into your Facebook, they could also get you into trouble.

So, your Facebook password is either saved in your mind or on your device. Well, clearly, your mind doesn’t remember your Facebook password any longer, so let’s see how you can see your Facebook saved password on your device. 

It is very clear by now that you can’t see your Facebook password while logged in, but there’s no need to get disappointed. You don’t directly have to go for a reset password, but you can try to check your browser’s saved passwords.

This method is only helpful if you have allowed Google to save your passwords. If you have, then all left to do is to follow the following steps to see your Facebook password. 

Google Password Manager

If you have allowed Google to save passwords for you, then you can use this facility by google to see your Facebook password.

Google’s password manager manages passwords on devices for you so that you don’t ever lose your passwords.

This is how you can access your saved password from Google password manager.

  • First, go to the Settings app on your phone.
  • Next, scroll down through all the options and find an option that reads Google and click on it.
  • Now, at the top of the screen, you can see your Google profile, under which you can find an option to Manage your Google account. Click on it. 
Google Account
  • This will take you to your Google settings, where you can find various sections such as personal info, data & privacy. 
  • From there, go to the Security section. 
  • Scroll down to the option that reads as Password Manager.
Password Manager
  • This will open up a list carrying all the sites and applications of which you allowed Google to save passwords.
  • As you are looking for the Facebook password, find Facebook and click on it. You will only be able to find the Facebook option if you have allowed Google to save your Facebook password.
  • Google will ask you to enter your Google password to verify that it’s you. Enter your password, and you will be able to see your Facebook password.

If you are using a desktop, then open google and click on the profile icon that you can see on the top-right side of the screen. And follow the above steps for the rest of the procedure.

Chrome Saved Password

If you don’t remember your Google password, then Google Chrome saved password is here to save you. For this step, you will only be asked for your device’s lock screen password.  

  • Open Chrome on your desktop or your mobile phone and click on the three dots that you can see on the top-right side of your Google Chrome home page. 
  • After that, a menu will open up from which you have to select Settings. 
  • Next, from the settings, choose Autofill.
  • On selecting Autofill, you will be able to see more options from which you have to click on Passwords.
  • On the Passwords page, you can see a list of websites and app names under the Saved Password section whose passwords are saved by Google chrome with your permission.
  • Find and click on Facebook. 
  • In front of the site or the app’s name, you can see an eye icon. This icon will reveal your saved password on clicking on it.
  • Click on this icon. After this, Chrome will ask you to enter your biometrics or lock screen PIN password depending on how you have locked your screen.
  • Enter your password, and under the name of the application that is Facebook, you can see your Facebook password.

Reset Your Facebook Password

Now that you are not able to see or recover your Facebook password by any means, the last option that is left for you is to reset your Facebook password.

You can change your Facebook password while logged in, or you can also change it if you are logged out of your Facebook account. Changing your password will not take you more than one minute.

Also, ensure that you have access to the phone number or email id through which you have registered on Facebook as an OTP will be sent to the mobile number or email id associated with that account.


If you have forgotten your Facebook password, the quickest method can be to reset and change the older one. But in many cases, you are looking for your Facebook password to fill it in somewhere important.

In this case, you can look at your browser’s saved passwords. And must allow your trusted browser to save your password on your device, whereas never allow the browser to save your password if you use someone else’s device for your security. 

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