How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Your Bank Account

Transfer Google Play Balance To Bank

For all android users who are searching to transfer their Google Play balance back to their bank account, this article is for you.

After all, Google Play balance is only useful for app-purchase, and you cannot use it for any other type of purchase that you will make at a store or a shopping mall.

So, when in need or you aren’t going to require your Google play balance anymore, the best option is to transfer the balance to your bank account for your personal use. 

As every Android user knows that Google Play Store is the app store for android users provided by Google. Google’s Play Store can be used to download different apps, movies, books, games, and all of them for free.

But many creators, developers, and artists do not upload their content on the app for free downloads. These are the applications that need to be purchased.

Apart from this, not only can you download, But you can also upload your application on Google play for others. That’s enough about Google Play but before we dive into the actual questions, first, let’s know a little about Google Play balance.

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Google Play Balance

As mentioned above, the Google play store provides a place to install an application on your device. Most of these applications are free to install, but many cost you a price.

These prices are not by Google play but by the developer or creator of the application, books, movies, or games, whatever you are looking for. You can purchase items from Google play with two options. You can either use your UPI id, or you can also use your Google Play Balance directly.

You must add money to your Google Play balance, such as you do with your bank account, to be able to use it. You can redeem gift cards or promo codes to add balance to your Google Play. 

How To Transfer The Google Play Balance To Your Bank?

How many times do you get Google to play promo codes and gift cards? It’s not something that happens daily, so when you have credits in your Google Play balance, and you are not going to use it any soon to buy anything from the Google Play store, the best thing to do is to transfer this credit to your bank account.

Money in your bank account can be used for anything. So, now that you are smart enough to transfer your Google Play balance to your bank account, let’s see how to do it.

  • Go to your Google PlayStore account on your android mobile phone and tap on your profile which you can see it on the top-right corner of your mobile screen.
  • Now a menu of a few options will show up from which you have to select Payments and subscriptions.
How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Your Bank Account?
  • Now, go to Payment methods by clicking on it.
How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Your Bank Account?
  • On the payment methods page, you can see your linked bank account and UPI IDs available on your phone, along with your Google Play balance. You can also see the Current money option under the Google Play balance section.
  • You have entered an amount you want to withdraw from your Google Play balance and transfer to your bank account. 
  • Lastly, click on the Transfer option to complete the transfer.
  • And that’s it. Your desired amount from your Google Play balance will be transferred. But make sure that your Google Play balance has a threshold value to transfer it to your bank.
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Use Google Play Transfer Apps

If you couldn’t use the help of the above method, then you can also try out this method which consists of a few extra steps. But this method will work for guarantee and is equally secure. Also, the method is super easy to be followed. 

  • Go to your phone’s Google Play store, and enter or type Google Play Balance Transfer on the search bar. This search will open a list of applications that can transfer your Google Play balance.
  • Click on the top searches and choose the one with the highest ratings and also, according to your preference. 
  • Install chosen app and register on it using the same email id that has your Google Play Balance.
  • Now, follow the app’s procedure to transfer money. Enter all the necessary details, such as your Bank account number or your UPI id, and lastly, select the payment method. Do not forget to enter the right amount of money you want to transfer.
  • Lastly, you will be able to transfer your Google Play balance to your bank account.

Alternative For US residents

Residents of the USA have an extra option available in their Google Play account, allowing them to send or transfer their Google Play balance to others through emails.

But the amount can only be sent in the form of gift cards. If you are interested, then follow the steps.

  • Go to your PlayStore and click on your profile.
  • A list of options will open up from where you have to choose to Send gifts options.
  • After clicking on send gifts, a new page will open up where you can select the amount that you want to send as a gift card. 
  • This method cannot transfer money to the bank. Instead, it is a way to buy and send a gift card from a Google Play balance.


Google play balance is used for in-app purchases. Though you can use your bank account or UPI ids to make the payment, Google Play balance makes it easier and faster.

You can add money to your Google Play balance through Google Play gift cards that can be redeemed easily. Moreover, suppose you have a gift card that you do not choose to spend on purchasing items from Google play.

In that case, you can check if you have enough money in your Google Play balance to clarify to be withdrawn, then you can choose any of the mentioned methods from this article to transfer your Google Play balance to your bank

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